Cooking With Que #FauxThanksgiving #PopUp

I wondered what would happen if I went against the grain and cooked something different this year for the holidays. Everyone expects turkey on Thanksgiving and I wanted to try out a new recipe and see if the turkey would be missed.

I was like a mad scientist trying to figure out what food would be filling to my guests, and then see how I could pull this all together and not spend a crap load of money. My brain said, you have to have a Cooking With Que #FauxThanksgivingDinner #PopUp. That sounds weird right? Oh, but that’s exactly what it was.

It was super sporadic, I’m talking, God gives you the idea on a Monday, and a secret email invite went out on Wednesday, for a Dinner Party on Thursday! I didn’t know if anyone was going to show up. I just assumed they would (like seriously, I planned for success).

Listen, I wanted Holiday Décor, not just Christmas or Thanksgiving. I wanted everyone to sit at the table together, even if it wasn’t all at the same time. I imagined us all eating off of nice dinnerware and not paper plates, and wine from wine glasses, not paper/plastic cups? Was this too much to ask? Absolutely NOT! (My brain wanted to know how I was gonna pull this off on a budget, but God said..don’t worry I got you lol, so I just moved along to the menu).

For the menu, I wanted the most inexpensive meal, that people wouldn’t normally get for a holiday dinner. I knew the least expensive meat at the grocery store was chicken thighs! So I bought tons of them. Vegan Mac N Cheez, because It’s my favorite, and no one will believe that its Vegan! Vegan Dressing/Stuffing, depending on who you are and where you were raised that’s what you call it (lol). Garlicky Green Beans, and Cilantro Lemon Rice as my other two sides. Everything at the table was vegan with the exception of the chicken! I wanted everyone to be satisfied.

Check out these pics so you see the Cooking With Que #PopUp was a total success.

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