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Tradition or Not? Black Eye Peas for New Years

Can you believe the year is almost over? Wow! 2016 came and went! Everyone has been trying to figure out New Years Resolutions and since I'm a foodie I hear about party menus, and what everyone is cooking for New Years!

Black Eyed Peas (recipe here) are all over the place, for some its for good luck, for others it's tradition, so of course you know me I did my research to see where did the "luck" of Black Eye Peas come from. I was pretty shocked!

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#JustDoIt #ThankMeLater (lol)


The Crowd Pleaser: Que’s Pasta Salad!

If you love the taste of a pasta salad that is so good that even the after taste is amazing, this is it. I’m promising you. It’s a simple recipe that I use for any type of dinner. It could be a Holiday dinner, or a Summer BBQ, this delectable dish will be the talk of your menu.


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May your tastebuds be #ForeverSatisfied!