Quiana Broden


Hi I'm Quiana "Que" Broden,  owner and blogger of Cooking With Que, a place where Vegans and Meat Eaters coexist.  The mission is to teach people how to EAT TO LIVE; by introducing more plant based meals into everyday lives.  


The Why …

Soooo before you understand “Que” I gotta let you in on some things … ok?

I have not been Vegan my whole life.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  It’s been about 4 years now.  And I mean 4 of the GREAT, LIFE CHANGING YEARS.

10 years ago, I was a person with chronic sinus issues, always had bronchitis, like seriously; I could catch a full-blown cold in the middle of summer.  After a gazillion tests, copays, skin biopsies and even a lung biopsy - I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and they found that I was allergic to DAIRY (yeah … tears were shed).  Due to the stage of this obnoxious Lung Disease and the aggressiveness of it, I was told that I needed to be put on steroids and that I would have to take them everyday for the rest of my life.  (WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!…. were my words.. VERBATIM, to my pulmonary specialist)

My mind couldn’t fathom taking a drug that would deteriorate my kidneys and break me down - and I wasn’t even 30 yet?  All I could think about were my kids.  I refused to break myself down and kill myself with all of the prescribed drugs that I was going to have to take.  NO!!!!!! ...... NoThankYou!!

So I did what any person would do ... I searched for alternative holistic methods and recipes and that was how my healthy way of life started.

(For the record, I only take meds on occasion when I’m having major Sarcoid flare ups, outside of that… I don’t take STEROIDS DAILY AND I’M HEALTHY AS EVER!!!!  BOOM!!!)

The Vegan Transition ... in a Land of MeatEaters

This came about by fluke of nature people! After the normal Thanksgiving – Christmas feasting… I was feeling tired, overly full, completely bloated and I honestly felt like I weighed as much as a Walrus (No Joke).  My body had enough and so I said ... NO MORE. I NEED TO GO ON A 10 DAY CLEANSE!!!!! I had to reboot my insides.  I started #ColdTurkey (no pun intended).  It was immediate.  I told my family and I kept my word.

When my 10 days were up, I didn’t feel the need to go back. And guess what? Till this very day, I’m still on my cleanse!  LOL!

This body of mine is happy, healthy and doing it without anything that had a Momma!

My husband and kids are still MeatEaters, but they are healthy MeatEaters. They have minimal dairy (they don’t know it though) and eat chicken, turkey and seafood, No Pork and No Red Meats.  My grandparents ... oh … let me tell you … they  sneak the kids burgers every now and then (smh) they think it’s a treat for them (and you can’t really tell an 80 & 83 year old what to do … it DOES NOT END WELL,  believe me I’ve tried!!!).

Now, being Vegan in a house full of MeatEaters is a normal way of life for me.  I cook some pretty awesome meals for my family everyday and “Cooking With Que” is the space I have created to show people from any kitchen, healthy ways to satisfy everyone at the table.

So, Welcome Family!!!!!!!