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Food Allergies, Dietary Needs, ASK QUESTIONS!!

Hi, welcome to my world. I have sarcoidosis, I’m allergic to dairy, yes that means milk, eggs, cheese, etc. Oh yeah and I’m also Vegan. My friends call me #SmallPrint (rude), but it's true!

Imagine going out to dinner with me? LOL!

I’m usually the last person to order, because I take longer, the waiter/waitress usually has to go talk to the chef to double check ingredients, because they NEVER know what is in what. We must go through this process because they don’t want to be the reason someone has to use an epipen on me in their establishment (lol, its not funny.. But it's true, lol).

Being a person with allergies, or dietary restrictions, is not the easiest thing to live with. You can’t just say hey I’m gonna go grab some fast food, for fear of cross contamination plus you never know what all of the ingredients are and so on.

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