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Drink water much?

** Did you know that the normal human body is 60% water? **

That being said, drinking water daily is pretty important (as I grab for my water, right now!).

As basic and tasteless as it is, it has so many health benefits!

When I wake up in the morning before I brush my teeth I drink an 8 oz glass of water. I know it doesn't really sound like a big deal but drinking a small glass of water first thing in the morning has sooo many health benefits!

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Tequila – How to use it outside of Taking Shots

I have a respectful passion for Tequila. My lust for Tequila started back in 1995, when my husband and I went to Windsor celebrating his graduation from the University of Detroit. This was before you needed a passport to get over the bridge leading to Canada. We stayed in a hotel for 3 days. We spent a day at the casino and that's where I had my first Margarita….it was strong, sweet and sour. The flavor of the Tequila, the tartness of the lemon and lime, the sweetness from the sugar lingers around your taste buds, uhm mmm... One taste started a love affair that has lasted 20 years.

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