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Product of the Week: Vegan Egg

So I had to tell you guys about a new product that I tried. It’s called the Vegan Egg. This is a 100% plant based egg replacer. I remembered hearing of it, but I couldn’t find it in my local grocery store. Well, while I was grocery shopping for some items for a new Vegan Donut recipe, looked down the flour aisle, and low and behold I see some peculiar packaging. Very clever packaging too. It looks like a mini egg carton. I could have shed a tear. It’s in the flour aisle? I have been looking in the wrong place all along. Every non vegan I asked about this item, their response was to look by the eggs. It would be there if we had it. When I found this, my heart melted, and my day was made.

My first thought was, how is this gonna work? Didn’t really understand. First, I wanted to try it as an egg, so I whipped up an omelette, just to see if it would stick together. Nailed It (not tooting my own horn but.. It was delicious). The secret to this is not to over add the powder. The directions on the container is accurate, and realize the more you “whip it” (like the song.. haha) the fluffier it gets. So think about the food you want to make, and if you want it to be super fluffy or not.

So far, have made, omelettes, and donuts and it worked out perfectly. It’s your turn now. What recipe did you replace with the Vegan Egg. Snap a pic and tag me in it, @CookingWithQue! I’m super excited.