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Is Your Salmon Safe?


The fish industry, Salmon in particular, is facing an increase in parasites ... worms ... in this case - Sea Lice. Note that Sea Lice IS naturally present in Wild Caught Salmon, however it is thriving heavily in the Farm Raised environment, so much, that it is disruptive.

This could mean that the fish that ends up on your plate has the parasite (that you would then ingest) or toxic chemicals will be used to "control" the Sea Lice (that you would then ingest).

If you choose to eat fish as apart of your diet, be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and PICKY in your selection and source of fish as you don't want parasites to choose you as their new home. As yucky or extreme as that may sound - it's the truth guys - and if you must, we suggest you purchase Wild Caught over Farm Raised - as the fish comes from it's natural environment.

Protect your temple and consider transitioning to a more plant-based diet. 


Information Source: NaturalAwakenings.com

Spring Cleaning for the Home, Mind, and Soul

Happy Sunday Family 🙂

Today on our weekly podcast Music and Meatless Meals, we talked about spring cleaning, because its March and let's face it people - it's time.

When you hear "spring cleaning" the first thing that comes to mind, is the home.  Getting the house together and organized.  Damon Johnson of DJ Realty Solutions, gave us some amazing tips as you clean room to room, and closet to closet.  Get 4 totes, label them Keep, Throw Away, Sell, and Donate. That way everything has a place, and when you are done, you can bag it up and get it out of there.  No need keeping something you wore, when you were 21 and you're 40 now.  Different seasons people!  Different seasons! Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  Don't block your blessings with all that clutter.

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We Won a $60,000 Motor City Match Grant!

Motor City Match 

Round 10 Awardee   |   60,000 Grant  |  Cooking with Que

Can this year get any better? I mean honestly! I'm super fired up to get the new space completed and winning this Motor City Match  grant was for sure a blessing from God!

What can we do with 60,000?

We are going to purchase our state of the art equipment for our new 16 demonstration kitchen and rentable incubator kitchen that will both be located in our new spot at 6529 Woodward, in Detroit, Michigan!  There are soo many details that go into renovating and creating a perfect space, but we will keep the Cooking with Que family up to date!  The EXCITEMENT is REAL!  The press has been crazy for Round 10 Motor City Match winners I am sharing links with a few 🙂

The Detroit Free Press  |  US News  |   WDIV Channel 4  |  Eater Detroit

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It’s All About That PINK Baby!!!

“… all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. we are tied to the ocean. and when we go back to the sea ... we are going back to whence we came ...”

- john f. kennedy

Without salt we could not exist. As Chef Que would say - Let’s unlearn to relearn.

Our bodies need salt (sodium). Our cells are dependent on it. As Divine Creation, it's apart of our makeup. Think of sodium as 1 source of energy to our cells  -- that 1 source that must be at the perfect balanced ratio so we do not have too much or too little. 

Now I know, some of you may be thinking, What???!!! I’ve always been told sodium is NOT good for me. DON'T eat salt. DON'T use salt. And personally, I get so mad about it because my food taste so bland without it!!! Like, really? I don't want to just eat Blah! 

Ok, ok, ok, so there is some truth behind WHY we have heard phrases like this - but let me balance it out a bit --- too much salt for you is NOT good but too little is NOT good for you either.

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So you’ve watched What the Health? Now What?

So you've watched "What the Health"... Now What? You want to eat healthier, but don't know where to start?

Let the animated style of Quiana "Que" Broden, Owner and Chef at Cooking With Que, enlighten you with her super simple methods to transition into a more plant based lifestyle.

With the mission to teach people how to EAT TO LIVE, this talk will give you the basic necessities to help you begin your journey to the greener side. Live Demos, Product Reviews, and end the night with a special Meatless Meal curated by Que herself that will leave your tastebuds forever satisfied.

Limited Seats Available.

Act fast!

***This event will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. Arrive happy & early.***

Click the link below!

Have You Ever Been to Detroit Vegan Soul in Detroit?


I come to you bearing great news on food! Since I'm #OBSESSED with sharing.... I need to share with you some of my favorite restaurants, since I have been on this Vegan journey!

On my birthday...August 29th.....of...well a few years ago, my husband realized that since I'd gone Vegan there was no place that I'd been where I could order ANY AND EVERYTHING on the menu!

Well listen, he took me to Detroit Vegan Soul, and my heart melted, just as fast as the morsels a food did into my mouth! THIS PLACE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!  The atmosphere is comfy and homely. The menu consists of all the soul food that regular Meat Eaters love, but a 
Vegan twist.  The owners are the nicest ladies ever. Their staff reflects the same, super nice, courteous, very involved in making sure you had an awesome experience, and they have tasted everything on the menu and will give you honest feedback 🙂

The first few times I went to this spot,  I ordered the same thing! The

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7 things that successful people do before 8 a.m.

Good Morning

I thought about you! God woke me up and the first person he had me think about was YOU!

What will make you better today than what you were yesterday. That was my thought after being the last person to go to sleep, but being the first person awake, gives you a different perspective. I wanted to tell YOU that YOU ARE LOVED! I wanted to share with you some of the things that I do before 8 am.

It will be IMPORTANT TO YOU! It will make your day better.

1. Pray

My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life, and it keeps me sane, and mentally ready for anything that could happen today. Why you may ask? It does. My brain says we are here for a bigger purpose than to just serve ourselves. We are here to build the kingdom, so I pray for everyone, and if there are specific people on my heart, or my prayer wall, I do so.

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Cooking With Que Show and Kale on TV?

So it's been a while since sent you guys an update, and I have soo much to share!!! We have launched the #CookingWithQueShow on our YouTube Channel, which has been going great, and is now being aired on #PublicTelevision locally (Oakland County Michigan)!

Check it out! You can check out the channel here 🙂

Our most recent episode is about the #KaleMinistry!  We give you the the real breakdown on Kale, I'm talking benefits, facts, and some recipes to jazz it up for ya!

Check it out!!! #Subscribe to the #CookingWithQue channel!

Thanks family!!!

Let me know what you think!!!!


Que 🙂

P.S. I'm in a great mood, so I'm sending out a FREE #VeganStarterKit grocery list for everyone!!!! Be on the look out!!!!!!!

Best Vegan Mac N Cheese You Will Ever Taste!

First things first, I don’t make regular Mac N Cheese at my house anymore! Did you hear that?


My family doesn’t even request it. They expect my Vegan Mac N Cheese!

My guests that come over….they don’t request it either. You know why, because it tastes like God himself put the stamp of approval on this dish!

It tastes WONDERFUL! It has all the creamy goodness, all the cheesy flavor as regular Mac N Cheese! I’m not joking, you are just going to have to try it yourself!

I didn’t even want to share the recipe, but what’s a good thing if you can’t share it with friends?

Sooooo, here it is.

Click Here ------------>    Vegan Mac N Cheese Recipe



Tag me in your post when you make it @CookingWithQue !!!!

Let me know what YOU think!


Que Tips #4: Hydration, Sugar Cravings, Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Hey Family!

Today, I wanted to deal with some issues I keep seeing in my inbox. Staying hydrated in way that makes you want to drink water. Dealing with sugar cravings daily, and what to eat that satisfies that craving, and finally, shopping healthy and not breaking the bank.

Well, check out the newest Cooking With Que episode by clicking here for all the details!

I also posted the Detox Water Recipe that I talk about on the show here.

If you find more suggestions, talk to me on any social media @ #CookingWithQue, I would love to hear from you!!!

Until next time, may your tastebuds by forever satisfied 

Que 🙂


Que Tips #4