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It’s All About That PINK Baby!!!

“… all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. we are tied to the ocean. and when we go back to the sea ... we are going back to whence we came ...”

- john f. kennedy

Without salt we could not exist. As Chef Que would say - Let’s unlearn to relearn.

Our bodies need salt (sodium). Our cells are dependent on it. As Divine Creation, it's apart of our makeup. Think of sodium as 1 source of energy to our cells  -- that 1 source that must be at the perfect balanced ratio so we do not have too much or too little. 

Now I know, some of you may be thinking, What???!!! I’ve always been told sodium is NOT good for me. DON'T eat salt. DON'T use salt. And personally, I get so mad about it because my food taste so bland without it!!! Like, really? I don't want to just eat Blah! 

Ok, ok, ok, so there is some truth behind WHY we have heard phrases like this - but let me balance it out a bit --- too much salt for you is NOT good but too little is NOT good for you either.

And one more thing - the table salt - get rid of. THAT is bad for you. The Morton Lady With The Umbrella? — As the Music and Meatless Meals Fam says, DO PLEASE THROW SHADE!!!

Get Her Out of There!!!

but why you ask?!

Table salt is no bueno (not good)! It is Processed, which really means, There's No Life!!! If we're eating to live, and we are alive, then how does eating non-nutritious or lifeless food fit into the equation? In her Cooking Classes and Live Demonstrations, Chef Que asks the group - “Do we drink bleach for fun? (and I have to say that it is a very simple question to answer). Then why on Earth would you ingest bleach via salt?!” I know we didn’t know before - but now we do! So lets take some action and make a change, it’s toxic - it does NOT give us anything beneficial and dries you out. So since we’re not getting ANY LIFE, why are we eating that again?? - Exactly.

set a standard for yourself. it’s your body, you only get one - don't just put anything in it.

now. ladies and gents. introducing

-pink himalayan salt-

isn’t she pretty?

Soo0, my family??? We LOVE that PINK Baby! LoL, That pink himalayan salt. We discovered it about 1 year ago and as much as possible have not looked back. The only thing we ever substitute is with sea salt and we don’t like to do that if we can help it! I discovered a pinch goes a LONG way and it truly enhances the flavor of your food, not cover it. It is DELICIOUS! Anddddd it doesn't hurt that pink is one of my favorite colors. But, I think you’re gonna like what you hear next.

Pink Himalayan Salt, comes from a region of Pakistan near the Himalayas and they have some of the richest salt fields —- which is why rule number 1, when you’re looking for pink himalayan salt —-

BE SURE THE LABEL SAYS SOMEWHERE THAT IT’S FROM PAKISTAN!! There are fakes out there. Although you can purchase it from so many different places - including TJ MAXX, like the MMM Fam was saying … still - Be Curious. Read about it. Look up the brand. Find some credibility. Then make a decision. If in ATL, check out the DeKalb Farmer’s Market … it’s like $1 a lb and they sell it ungrounded as well, more in it’s natural state.

Next fun fact - it is said that pink himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals. Why does that matter? What is a trace mineral?

  • They are minerals that your body require in small amounts - think zinc, copper, magnesium ... some minerals are for our cells to function properly. We get minerals from plant, water and … for purposes of this discussion, the RIGHT kind of salt.

Minerals are essential in building strong bones and teeth, blood, skin and are needed for your body to work properly and to be of normal health.

Now I am definitely not saying get all of your minerals from pink himalayan salt … too much salt is STILL NOT GOOD for you. However pink himalayan salt is a much more balanced and healthy choice —- It does NOT EVEN COMPARE to table salt!!!

Well! Let this all marinate and make a change this week and look for that PINK!!! Add it to your pantry and I promise your taste buds will be so thankful for all the flavor it receives! I’ll leave with you 5 beneficial uses that sodium gives our body & remember -

Be balanced!!!

Jamila Akia

Because of its mineral contribution to our bodies Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits include:

  • Regulating your sleep
  • Improves brain function - helps keep it sharp.
  • Relieve muscle cramps - restore electrolytes to balance.
  • Assists muscular contraction - think your heart.
  • Control blood pressure and balances sugar levels in the blood.

Have You Ever Been to Detroit Vegan Soul in Detroit?


I come to you bearing great news on food! Since I'm #OBSESSED with sharing.... I need to share with you some of my favorite restaurants, since I have been on this Vegan journey!

On my birthday...August 29th.....of...well a few years ago, my husband realized that since I'd gone Vegan there was no place that I'd been where I could order ANY AND EVERYTHING on the menu!

Well listen, he took me to Detroit Vegan Soul, and my heart melted, just as fast as the morsels a food did into my mouth! THIS PLACE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!  The atmosphere is comfy and homely. The menu consists of all the soul food that regular Meat Eaters love, but a 
Vegan twist.  The owners are the nicest ladies ever. Their staff reflects the same, super nice, courteous, very involved in making sure you had an awesome experience, and they have tasted everything on the menu and will give you honest feedback 🙂

The first few times I went to this spot,  I ordered the same thing! The

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7 things that successful people do before 8 a.m.

Good Morning

I thought about you! God woke me up and the first person he had me think about was YOU!

What will make you better today than what you were yesterday. That was my thought after being the last person to go to sleep, but being the first person awake, gives you a different perspective. I wanted to tell YOU that YOU ARE LOVED! I wanted to share with you some of the things that I do before 8 am.

It will be IMPORTANT TO YOU! It will make your day better.

1. Pray

My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life, and it keeps me sane, and mentally ready for anything that could happen today. Why you may ask? It does. My brain says we are here for a bigger purpose than to just serve ourselves. We are here to build the kingdom, so I pray for everyone, and if there are specific people on my heart, or my prayer wall, I do so.

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Cooking With Que Show and Kale on TV?

So it's been a while since sent you guys an update, and I have soo much to share!!! We have launched the #CookingWithQueShow on our YouTube Channel, which has been going great, and is now being aired on #PublicTelevision locally (Oakland County Michigan)!

Check it out! You can check out the channel here 🙂

Our most recent episode is about the #KaleMinistry!  We give you the the real breakdown on Kale, I'm talking benefits, facts, and some recipes to jazz it up for ya!

Check it out!!! #Subscribe to the #CookingWithQue channel!

Thanks family!!!

Let me know what you think!!!!


Que 🙂

P.S. I'm in a great mood, so I'm sending out a FREE #VeganStarterKit grocery list for everyone!!!! Be on the look out!!!!!!!

Best Vegan Mac N Cheese You Will Ever Taste!

First things first, I don’t make regular Mac N Cheese at my house anymore! Did you hear that?


My family doesn’t even request it. They expect my Vegan Mac N Cheese!

My guests that come over….they don’t request it either. You know why, because it tastes like God himself put the stamp of approval on this dish!

It tastes WONDERFUL! It has all the creamy goodness, all the cheesy flavor as regular Mac N Cheese! I’m not joking, you are just going to have to try it yourself!

I didn’t even want to share the recipe, but what’s a good thing if you can’t share it with friends?

Sooooo, here it is.

Click Here ------------>    Vegan Mac N Cheese Recipe



Tag me in your post when you make it @CookingWithQue !!!!

Let me know what YOU think!


Que Tips #4: Hydration, Sugar Cravings, Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Hey Family!

Today, I wanted to deal with some issues I keep seeing in my inbox. Staying hydrated in way that makes you want to drink water. Dealing with sugar cravings daily, and what to eat that satisfies that craving, and finally, shopping healthy and not breaking the bank.

Well, check out the newest Cooking With Que episode by clicking here for all the details!

I also posted the Detox Water Recipe that I talk about on the show here.

If you find more suggestions, talk to me on any social media @ #CookingWithQue, I would love to hear from you!!!

Until next time, may your tastebuds by forever satisfied 

Que 🙂


Que Tips #4

Let’s Keep it Cheesy: Daiya Cheese

Hi Family 🙂

We are talking about one of my favorite vegan cheeses today.  My go to for vegan cheese in many of my recipes is the one... the only Daiya.  It does exactly what I want a cheese to do, it melts, it stretches, it's pretty amazing!  It's completely vegan, soy free, diary free, nut free  its all around the best thing I've had since I went Vegan almost 4 years ago!!!!!

Check out the new Cooking With Que episode about Daiya , that I just posted!

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All my cheesy recipes for the week will be posted on Friday!

So be on the look out 🙂

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Tradition or Not? Black Eye Peas for New Years

Can you believe the year is almost over? Wow! 2016 came and went! Everyone has been trying to figure out New Years Resolutions and since I'm a foodie I hear about party menus, and what everyone is cooking for New Years!

Black Eyed Peas (recipe here) are all over the place, for some its for good luck, for others it's tradition, so of course you know me I did my research to see where did the "luck" of Black Eye Peas come from. I was pretty shocked!

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#JustDoIt #ThankMeLater (lol)


The Crowd Pleaser: Que’s Pasta Salad!

If you love the taste of a pasta salad that is so good that even the after taste is amazing, this is it. I’m promising you. It’s a simple recipe that I use for any type of dinner. It could be a Holiday dinner, or a Summer BBQ, this delectable dish will be the talk of your menu.


Click here for the recipe 🙂

Try it out, and when you do, tag me in a pic 🙂

You know how to find me #CookingWithQue everywhere 🙂

Until next time,

May your tastebuds be #ForeverSatisfied!


Thanksgiving 2016 Style – Succulent Chicken, No Turkey

Even as a vegan I have never imagined preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for my meat-eating family with no turkey! Like seriously, my family is from the ole' school. They could care less that I chose the vegan lifestyle. Literally, they could care less. 

So this year I was looking for a way to show everyone you could have an inexpensive dinner, and not have to buy a turkey. I know it sounds insane, but I wanted to try something different and see if anyone would miss turkey!

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