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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
Who doesn’t love the ooey gooey goodness of Mexican food!!!
Well…today, when I leave the office I plan on meeting my Husband, and stuffing my face with sooo much Mexican food and Margaritas until my soul says…ok Que…ENOUGH! (LOL)

I will for sure post some pics for you guys to see later!!!! I just couldn’t leave you high and dry today though… so I made ENCHILADAS!!

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Taco Tuesday

Who wouldn't want tacos on Tuesday?

Seriously, after a great weekend, you have to come face to face with Monday (grrrrr), leaving you physically drained and waiting for the weekend to come back around again. Then, Taco Tuesday arrives and it gives you the boost you need, because you know...a fresh, savory taste is coming...wrapped in a warm tortilla and topped with all the fixings - fresh lettuce, tomato, salsa, and guacamole!!! #BlessGod!! Mexican Black beans topped with sriracha (I’m hungry right now!!)

I was trying to figure out the best way to kick off The Cooking with Que blog, but it had to be simple...and incorporate something that everyone loves. #TACOS!!!! (Come on saints… I know your mouths are watering right now lol!!!!) The #TacoTuesday hashtag has taken over the web and I make a pretty tasty Taco (let’s be honest) soooo……. WHY NOT #CookingWithQue for #TacoTuesday?

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