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How to Read Food Labels

The question of the day goes to all the last minute shoppers like myself who need to go grocery shopping for the holiday (today.. Yep. I’m super last minute). Do you read labels at the grocery store? Or do you just Grab-N-Go?

In the last blog, we talked about grocery shopping and how to keep it healthy. Now, I want to take it a bit further and look at the items that you are purchasing, read the label and understand what it’s telling you.

Look at this nifty sample macaroni label  --------------------------------->

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How to Be a Healthy Grocery Shopper

Words of Wisdom: Stay Close to the Perimeter

I say this because along the perimeter of every grocery store lies all of your fresh, preservative free foods. I’m talking food in its natural form. Not canned. Not made to last forever. Just the fresh stuff. Think about it.
Where are the fresh fruits and fresh veggies at your local market. Right on the outskirts of the store! Fresh meats? Around the outside. Fish? You know where this is heading right? There is a difference from the fish you purchase at the fresh fish counter versus the fish in the aisle ... in those cans. (just sayin’)

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
Who doesn’t love the ooey gooey goodness of Mexican food!!!
Well…today, when I leave the office I plan on meeting my Husband, and stuffing my face with sooo much Mexican food and Margaritas until my soul says…ok Que…ENOUGH! (LOL)

I will for sure post some pics for you guys to see later!!!! I just couldn’t leave you high and dry today though… so I made ENCHILADAS!!

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