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Let’s Keep it Cheesy: Daiya Cheese

Hi Family 🙂

We are talking about one of my favorite vegan cheeses today.  My go to for vegan cheese in many of my recipes is the one... the only Daiya.  It does exactly what I want a cheese to do, it melts, it stretches, it's pretty amazing!  It's completely vegan, soy free, diary free, nut free  its all around the best thing I've had since I went Vegan almost 4 years ago!!!!!

Check out the new Cooking With Que episode about Daiya , that I just posted!

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All my cheesy recipes for the week will be posted on Friday!

So be on the look out 🙂

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Tradition or Not? Black Eye Peas for New Years

Can you believe the year is almost over? Wow! 2016 came and went! Everyone has been trying to figure out New Years Resolutions and since I'm a foodie I hear about party menus, and what everyone is cooking for New Years!

Black Eyed Peas (recipe here) are all over the place, for some its for good luck, for others it's tradition, so of course you know me I did my research to see where did the "luck" of Black Eye Peas come from. I was pretty shocked!

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The Crowd Pleaser: Que’s Pasta Salad!

If you love the taste of a pasta salad that is so good that even the after taste is amazing, this is it. I’m promising you. It’s a simple recipe that I use for any type of dinner. It could be a Holiday dinner, or a Summer BBQ, this delectable dish will be the talk of your menu.


Click here for the recipe 🙂

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Until next time,

May your tastebuds be #ForeverSatisfied!


Thanksgiving 2016 Style – Succulent Chicken, No Turkey

Even as a vegan I have never imagined preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for my meat-eating family with no turkey! Like seriously, my family is from the ole' school. They could care less that I chose the vegan lifestyle. Literally, they could care less. 

So this year I was looking for a way to show everyone you could have an inexpensive dinner, and not have to buy a turkey. I know it sounds insane, but I wanted to try something different and see if anyone would miss turkey!

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Cooking With Que #FauxThanksgiving #PopUp

I wondered what would happen if I went against the grain and cooked something different this year for the holidays. Everyone expects turkey on Thanksgiving and I wanted to try out a new recipe and see if the turkey would be missed.

I was like a mad scientist trying to figure out what food would be filling to my guests, and then see how I could pull this all together and not spend a crap load of money. My brain said, you have to have a Cooking With Que #FauxThanksgivingDinner #PopUp. That sounds weird right? Oh, but that’s exactly what it was.

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Veganism from a Non Vegan

If you have stumbled across this post you are actually a part of one of the most momentous times of my life ... my first blog entry.

Ironically my first blog entry would be on a Vegan site when I am NOT a Vegan. But if you are like me, and Que has gotten you in the mood to go to the store and make a Kale sandwich (or something along the line of that) THEN THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU.

I know what you’re thinking already, "Liz, why would we take Vegan advice from someone who isnt even Vegan?? Are you high?" Well first off I’m not high, and don’t call me Shirley. Now, let’s get started.

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How to Be a Healthy Grocery Shopper

Words of Wisdom: Stay Close to the Perimeter

I say this because along the perimeter of every grocery store lies all of your fresh, preservative free foods. I’m talking food in its natural form. Not canned. Not made to last forever. Just the fresh stuff. Think about it.
Where are the fresh fruits and fresh veggies at your local market. Right on the outskirts of the store! Fresh meats? Around the outside. Fish? You know where this is heading right? There is a difference from the fish you purchase at the fresh fish counter versus the fish in the aisle ... in those cans. (just sayin’)

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
Who doesn’t love the ooey gooey goodness of Mexican food!!!
Well…today, when I leave the office I plan on meeting my Husband, and stuffing my face with sooo much Mexican food and Margaritas until my soul says…ok Que…ENOUGH! (LOL)

I will for sure post some pics for you guys to see later!!!! I just couldn’t leave you high and dry today though… so I made ENCHILADAS!!

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Prince: Vegan Royalty

In honor of a musical legend, my soul pushed me to find my own way to salute an amazing musician that blessed my soul with sooo much music. Music that traveled through the house alongside the aromas of the meals I’ve prepared.

Did I tell you that my Husband is an AMAZING DJ? Well he absolutely is, and the majority of the time while I’m preparing our famiIy meals ... he is spinning!

So on Thursday April 21, 2016 when the artist formerly known as Prince passed away … our house was filled with his music from sun up to sun down.

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